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Day-Trading Derivatives Market powered by a Decentralised LP

Protected Perpetuals. Enhanced Trading and Yield Generation

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TaoTrade is a cutting-edge decentralized liquidity provider (LP) derivatives market on Arbitrum designed to be the best day-trading platform globally.

Inspired by Zero-Dated Options

Inspired by the popularity of zero dated options in traditional finance, TaoTrade brings this concept a step further to allow options to be traded and settled at any time.

Unbeatable High Leverage

TaoTrade allows traders to trade with up to 1000x leverage on its protected perpetuals with no upfront premiums, no liquidations and capped downside. Liquidity providers who sell volatility to these traders receive high premiums.

For Traders: Protected Perps

Experience secure and stress-free day trading with our innovative protected perpetuals, designed to protect traders from sudden price movements and scam wicks. Traders can never be liquidated by price. Positions can expire when margin is depleted.

For Yield Farmers: tVaults

Optimize your yield generation with our streamlined and user-friendly vaults, making yield farming more accessible and efficient.

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